OGO For Business

OGO is a great way for businesses, non-profits and government departments to improve their bottom line while demonstrating their values.


Is your organization located downtown, in Pandosy, or in the Landmark area? If so, getting a corporate OGO membership could help your business:

With OGO, you always have the right-sized fleet. Plus, gas, insurance, maintenance are included in our rates. Once a month, we’ll send you a single itemized invoice for all your employees’ usage. Your accounting department will love you.

Many local organizations are already carsharing with us, reducing their operational costs and their footprint, and fostering a culture of sharing. Our corporate members include:

To learn more about business membership, please give us a call at 250-469-6617.

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Schedule a Consultation

Your organization is still not sure if carsharing is the right fit? We will help you with analysing your transportation situation through a 1-on-1 workshop where we will identify how you currently meet your transportation needs and based on that analysis provide you with suggestions on how to reduce your overall transportation costs and how carsharing might fit into it. Give us a call (250-469-6617) and we can discuss next steps.