About OGO

OGO Car Share Co-op was provincially incorporated as a community service co-operative in British Columbia in June 2012, and is based in Kelowna, BC. We launched in August 2013 with 35 members and two vehicles and have since grown to 13 vehicles and over 450 members. 

Our long-term plan is to establish a viable carsharing social enterprise, based on a growth model that will meet our members’ mobility needs and provide a practical alternative to owning a vehicle or second family car.

Our Partners and Sponsors



Christian Brandt

Christian is one of the co-founders and Executive Director of OGO. He makes sure that the co-op is running smoothly and helps OGO expand into more neighbourhoods.

Kodie Beckley

Kodie is in charge of Member Relations and Community Outreach. He helps to make sure that OGO members are looked after and have their problems solved in short order. He also works to spread awareness of OGO and promote carsharing in Kelowna as an affordable and attractive alternative to traditional vehicle ownership.

Board of Directors

Martin Bell

Martin has 20 years of experience as a consultant to the local government, provincial government, First Nations and private sectors. Martin is a champion for alternate modes of transportation such as carsharing and cycling as these modes offer considerable benefits ­to all communities.

Martin brings a wide range of business experience to OGO’s board. His contributions range from business planning, business development and strategic planning, to commercial finance, corporate relations and government relations. Martin’s work with government and corporate sectors is also being leveraged to build operating partnerships, secure financing and grants and obtain approvals from the levels of government involved in OGO’s operations.

Angela Nagy

Angela has an 18-­year background in project management, business development, marketing and public relations. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada, and worked with all levels of Canadian and US businesses and governments on a variety of energy efficiency and environmental industry projects. She also sits on the Board of Directors for Okanagan Greens Society.

In her role on the Board, Angela provides guidance with marketing, sales and operations from a business perspective, as well as non profit and grant writing experience.

Braden MacDonald

Braden has more than a decade of experience working on web and mobile software, as both a hands-on developer and technical manager. Braden is the owner of MacDonald Thoughtstuff Inc., a Vancouver-based software development consultancy, and the CTO of OpenCraft GmbH, a global online learning software development company whose clients include Harvard, MIT, McKinsey & Company, and edX. Braden has also personally created and contributed to numerous open­ source software projects.

Braden brings his IT background to the co­op, and has been responsible for creating, maintaining, and improving OGO’s technology, such as the website and phone systems. He has also provided vacation coverage for OGO staff.

Joseph Pauls

Joseph is an independent video and motion graphics artist. In the ten years before his move to Kelowna, he worked as a film technician in Toronto for media companies, including MuchMusic, NBC, Universal, and CBC. He has always been passionate about community building and has been involved with a number of opportunities, in Canada and abroad.

Joseph brings his media production skills and resources to OGO. He aids in creating and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns. He has also provided vacation coverage for OGO staff.

Joey Podavin

Joey is a family physician working as a hospitalist at the Kelowna General Hospital. He provides coverage at Outreach Urban Health in downtown Kelowna, a walk-­in and family practice in West Kelowna, and is a member of Rural General Practitioner Locum Program of B.C.

Joey brings his background in healthcare and his experience working on interdisciplinary teams to the co­op.

Yolanda Moser

Yolanda is a transportation design engineer who advocates for an environmentally friendly lifestyle and community based solutions. She frequently uses OGO’s cars and promotes it within the community. Her contributions to the OGO team include providing a technical perspective, sharing her experiences as a user and searching for ways to expand our member base. 

Amanda Wright

Amanda is currently working toward a CPA designation while pursuing a career in pubIic practice accounting, and growing her passion to help those less fortunate through research, volunteerism, and engagement with the Central Okanagan non-profit sector.

Jay Pozo

Jay has made a career of design and technology since 1997, when “multimedia” was the term du jour. He has worked as a creative technologist and software engineer with companies like Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Disney, Blast Radius, and Tangible Interaction. Jay has designed and built experimental and new technological experiences for the web and for physical spaces and has also designed and implemented robust business oriented software systems.


We also want to acknowledge all of our volunteers and members who continue to help make carsharing a reality in the Okanagan and help us bring carsharing to more neighbourhoods so that more members in our community can benefit from having access to carsharing.