“The truck has proven so useful for my business.”

–Giulio Piccioli, OGO Member

OGO is Kelowna’s carshare co-op.

Our members get all the benefits of owning a vehicle without the hassle. We are community owned and our vehicles are conveniently located throughout Kelowna.  

Individuals and organizations with memberships  can use our vehicles when they need one, and pay based on their usage. This means OGO members save thousands of dollars each year on car insurance, car payments, gas, parking, and maintenance. 

OGO promotes carsharing as an economically beneficial and environmentally responsible transportation option to private car ownership. It fosters community based transportation decision making, which recognize the environmental, economic, and social integrity of our neighbourhoods.

Did you know the average vehicle is parked over 90% of the time? With carsharing, you can share a vehicle with your community and only pay for it when you use it—not when it's sitting idle!

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“Once I joined OGO, being a student, I realized it was really affordable because I was able to have all the benefits of a car without having to own one myself.”

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